Art Techniques Using Dyes

Create incredible, child-centered brilliant art pictures and displays like these. Teachers all over the United States who have attended Literacy Learning Institutes and workshops are excited about the ease with which the art process can be integrated into classroom programs, for students of all ages, simply by using various dye techniques for publishing student work.

Art Dyes

The art dyes come in boxed sets of 12 pots of different colors. Dyes are water soluble and packaged as a powder concentrate. They can be mixed to various depths of color, from pale water-color to brilliant-glow and are fabulous for creative responses in the classroom. Dyes are certified AP Non-toxic by the Art and Creative Materials Institute.

Art Crayons

Retsol New Zealand-made soft crayons in vivid colors; ten crayons per pack. Non-toxic.

Video – Art Techniques Using Dyes
Leanna TraillTM & Greg Roebuck

This video is designed as a professional training resource for teachers and children in all schools. It focuses on demonstrating the "start to finish" processes and products of five specific art techniques using dyes. Each technique demonstrates the following conditions: - • motivation • demonstration • high expectation • responsibility • practice • support • feedback. The techniques chosen are those that work best with children at all grade levels.

 Click here for more information on the video 'Art Techniques Using Dyes'.

Book: Ideas for Art - Crayon & Dye
Sarah Deroles

This book provides many exciting ideas for using crayons and dyes. It contains twenty-five actual, miniaturized art samples to illustrate very easy to do, and very effective, art techniques. The samples provide visual and tactile examples of the process making it much easier to understand the method described.

For USA and Canada.


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